Spiritual Tour

Our company specializes in giving you a highly personalized healing and life-changing experience. Bali is home to mystical traditions where the healing arts are practised with great wisdom. In some cases, this lineage of wisdom can be traced right back to the ancient Indian rishis that came to Bali almost 2000 years ago.

Our guests have had incredible life-transforming experiences with our healers. Each healer practices from a slightly different angle. Some are more oriented to healing physical symptoms (Master Healer Pak Cok), others are more for removing emotional blockage (Agus Sihman, Ida Rsi), and others use ancient wisdom based on the complex Balinese calendar (Brahmin High Priest) to traverse deeply into one’s psyche, past lives and are able to prophesize the future. There is absolutely no gimmick involved. Our healers operate with the highest integrity and are highly respected and revered throughout Bali and beyond.

The difference our company can offer is knowledge and experience in these areas. Wayan Kasta studied Balinese religion and history at a university level and has worked intensively with the ancient texts for over 30 years. He has worked with many international travel guides and co-written several books. Wayan has also lived abroad and is able to speak enough fluent English to be able to translate the texts into a modern understanding whilst keeping the integrity of the text in tact. Through conversation with Wayan, a personalized programme can be planned using the right choice and order of healers.



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