South Bali Tour

Our most relaxing day trip. Sanur beach is our main destination for this day trip. Sanur has become an international holiday destination, but it is still easy to find quiet, peaceful white sand beaches and a shady beach promenade with open air restaurants and cafes. In fact, Sanur is known for its laid back atmosphere as opposed to other areas such as Kuta. Relax on the beach, drink a coconut, have a massage on your sun lounge, enjoy a delicious lunch overlooking the sea.

Sanur also has its magical secrets. In 1966, Indonesia’s charismatic President Sukarno built Bali’s first world class hotel, the Bali Beach Hotel. Unfortunately, a fire razed the hotel many years later but one room remained unscathed. Today the room has become a shrine. Psychics believe it is a gift from the late Sukarno to the sea goddess, Nyi Roro Kidul.


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