Brahmin High priest

Our Brahmin high priest is well known throughout Bali as a powerful officiator of traditional ceremonies. He also has great knowledge of the ancient palm-leaf scripts, particularly those used to offer guidance on one's life. The Brahmin priest will ask you your precise time and place of birth and also the spelling of your name. He will then use the ancient texts to deliver a very personalized horoscope reading.

The many traditional Balinese symbols in your horoscope will be given a modern day interpretation by Wayan Kasta who has also worked intensively with these scripts. Similar to knowing one's star sign, one will be told one's flower, bird, tree, etc with its interpretation. Past lives, present life tendencies and future will all be covered. Questions can be asked of the Brahmin priest.  Sometimes, a karma cleansing ceremony will be recommended to release unwanted blocks. This will be performed by the Brahmin priest